Google Applies For A Smart Contact Lens Patent Containing A Micro Camera

A new patent filed by Google over at patent bolt reveals that the search company is looking into embedding a tiny micro sized camera, into the smart contact lens that we had previously heard some talk about. A smart contact lens would be a far cry from the other head worn smart device that Google develops known as Google Glass, but that doesn't make it any less interesting. Before we break out the pitchforks and start to rally that Google is developing another reason for users to be worried about privacy concerns, the idea of this is to help enhance quality of life. One amazing example is helping visually impaired people.

When you think about it, the possibilities about what could be done with a device like this are virtually endless, just like businesses are finding new ways to implement Glass as part of Google's Glass for Work program, these smart contact lenses with a micro camera inside could help benefit people in a number of ways from a health standpoint. Short of informing a person who is visually impaired when it might be safe to cross the street(of course this would most likely have to work in tandem with another device like a paired smartphone)it could help people to see more clearly and at longer distances.

The patent states that the micro camera within the smart contact lens could basically track a wearers gaze, and follow the shift in gaze as the wearer looks in other directions. Following the gaze of the wearer allows for the smart contact lens to track and process image data of whatever the wearer sees, processing things like light, colors, patterns of colors, faces, motion and more. We know that sounds a little futuristic, but then again this wouldn't be the first device coming out of Google that has this type of feeling to it. They also have development going on plenty of other projects that seem ahead of their time, like the self driving car and other advanced robotics, as well cool stuff like project loon which basically wants to see a mesh of internet connectivity over wide areas through essentially, wifi balloons.

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