The Gold HTC One M8 Does Exist, And It's A Shiny One

Is HTC worth its weight in Gold? T-Mobile CEO John Legere seems to think so, which is proven by his tweet showing off a brand new HTC One M8 that is plated in 24K gold. I'm not a huge fan of the gold colored phones myself, but this device finish looks awesome, which Legere points out in his Twitter post. Last years HTC One also came with a gold plated model, so we'd be foolish to think that HTC wouldn't take the opportunity to make the same thing happen this year. The downside for anyone who might be looking to try and get their hands on one of these is that it is reportedly bound for the middle east only, so unless you plan on making a trip there to pick one up or try to have it imported-undoubtedly raising the already high cost- you'll have to settle for just looking.

If you happen to be the rockstar of the US wireless industry however that seems to net you your very own gold model as a gift. While the gold is borderline too flashy for most, it does have a certain quality about it that makes it stand out and garner some looks of astonishment. At least that's what we'd expect if we were holding this thing in our hands while walking down the street. other than the gold plating on this device, it has virtually all the same things as the original color models of the HTC One M8.

We'ere sure that we'll see more photos of the gold M8 to come as they get their release in the region they're meant for, and we wouldn't put it past John Legere to tweet some more pics of his own. This is one color of the M8 that you wouldn't want to cover up with a case, although if you find yourself to be rather clumsy with your stuff a nice gold case could keep the color theme going while still protecting that beautiful gold finish. You definitely don't want scuffs on this bad boy. We've heard that if you stare long enough into the gold plating that something magical happens.

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