Galaxy S 4 and S 5 Get Dropped to Test Durability


When purchasing a new phone, the question that comes to mind for many consumers is whether the phone will be able to withstand drops and falls. Many consumers don't like using cases or screen protectors on their phones because they believe that it takes away from the overall look and feel of the device. With the Galaxy S 5, you might not have too much to worry about with durability.

Today Techsmartt posted a video where they compared the Galaxy S 4 and the Galaxy S 5 in a drop test. They dropped the two devices from pocket height, head height, above the head, roughly ten feet and then they ran over the Galaxy S 5 with a car. Most people won't really be dropping their phones from above the head, but there's always a chance that you'll drop your device from a height like that.

Both the Galaxy S 4 and the S 5 fared pretty well when it came to dropping from pocket and head height. Both devices got scruffed up when they were dropped, however the glass survived. When it came to the drop from above the head, the glass covering the camera on the Galaxy S 4 cracked. The Galaxy S 5 was surprisingly fine, and there were no cracks in the screen or on the glass on the camera of the phone. The Galaxy S 5 also survived the drop from around ten feet, however the Galaxy S 4's screen finally cracked during that test. The person who was dropping the phones finally decided to run the Galaxy S 5 over to see if they could break the device. The Galaxy S 5 survived that as well. The screen on the front of the phone was fine, but the glass on the camera was cracked.

Overall, it appears as though the Galaxy S 5 is a pretty durable phone. If you were to damage the Galaxy S 5, though, be aware that the device is not that easy to repair. A couple days ago, we reported that the Galaxy S 5 is difficult to repair if it gets broken. According to the people who tore down the Galaxy S 5, the display itself is relatively difficult to replace. The positive part to this news is that the Galaxy S 5's screen holds up pretty well, but keep in mind that if you do manage to break it, it'll be tough to fix.

Take a look at the full drop test video below. If you're getting a Galaxy S 5, will you be using a case or screen protector with it?

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