Fighting Fiber With Fiber, ATT Announces Plans For GigaPower Internet In 21 New Cities

While most of us are probably contemplating when we might have a chance at registering for Google Fiber service, the folks over at ATT are fast at work coming up with a plan to combat Google on this front. The wireless carrier is reportedly working on ways to expand its GigaPower internet service, saying that it has plans to offer it in 21 more cities in the future from a total of 100 cities that they're interested in expanding into. With all the buzz around Google Fiber and the gigabit internet service that it's looking to expand and provide to consumers, ATT obviously sees the need to make haste in bringing their own Gigabit internet services up to speed and potentially get them into the hands and homes of more people. Currently Google has Fiber services rolled out in Provo, Utah, and Kansas City, Missouri, with plans to possibly expand it to the cities of Austin, Texas, or New York City, New York next.

If ATT wants to get the jump on Google and its Fiber service, it'll certainly have to expand and expand fast to offer up the possibility of blazing fast web services before Google gets the chance. While both companies are looking into a few of the same major markets, like San Jose and Atlanta, ATT is no stranger to the list of planned markets that Google has made clear they're looking into, and they have taken the opportunity to capitalize on the matter by seeking to offer their Gigabit internet in other areas where Google hasn't listed first. Whether it ends up panning out for them in the long run remains to be seen as things are still in the planning stages, but it could be great for the competition aspect and force both companies to rethink their plan of attack on the pricing front once the services are up and running in more cities. That of course would take some time to unfold, as both services would have to be offered in a number of areas to actually compete.

At this point ATT is still working out the details with area leaders, and they won't intend to move forward with the service unless people show interest in obtaining them. If the popularity shown for Google's own gigabit internet is any indication though, ATT might have an easy time at getting people on board with it. As of right now the only place where ATT offers their GigaPower internet is in Austin where Google Fiber has already been planned, with announcements in Dallas, Raleigh-Durham, and Winston-Salem as well. If you live up and down the central to southern parts of the California coast, you're in luck as those have been listed as potential sites, if you're up in the northwest like me however, ATT is shunning us, so we might have to wait and see if Google Fiber comes our way.

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