Featured: Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protectors


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been said to have the best display ever on a smartphone. So you'll want to protect that right? That's where screen protectors come in. Now some screen protectors are just plain crap, so that's where we come in. We've found 10 great screen protectors for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S5.

Skinomi TechSkin Screen protector

The Skinomi is probably one of the most well-known screen protectors out there. It's got self-healing, flexible, tough, and military grade. It's also made of the high quality Japanese PET film as well. All this for just $5.


SkinomiĀ® TechSkin – Samsung Galaxy S5 V Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film / Ultra High Definition Invisible and Anti-Bubble Crystal Shield with Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty – Retail Packaging

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen protector

i-Blason has a 3-pack of premium HD Clear Screen protectors here for $6. They are cut specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Also they are made from high-quality material, multi-layer PET film from Japan. It's also anti-finger print.

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector – 3 Pack Premium HD Clear Version (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, All Carriers)


Spigen Galaxy S5 Crystal Clear

Spigen has a few different types of screen protectors as well. This one is their crystal clear version which is about $10, and is a 3-pack. As usual they are made of high-quality Japanese PET Film. And they are very easy to install as well.

[Full HD] Spigen Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector [Crystal Clear][3-PACK]**JAPANESE BASE PET FILM** Premium Front Screen Protector for Galaxy S5 / Galaxy SV / Galaxy S V (2014) – Crystal CR (SGP10722)

Obliq Zeiss Xtreme

Obliq also has a screen protector, this is the Zeiss Xtreme which is made of Military grade materials and has HD enhanced optical Japanese PET film for optimal clarity. So it's great for HD screens like what is on the Galaxy S5.


[Anti Shock] – Obliq Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector Zeiss Xtreme – Military Grade Extreme Break and Shock Protection – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, International, and Unlocked – Screen Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Model

Tech Armor HD Clear Screen protector

Tech Armor also has their screen protector available, this one is the HD Clear version which comes in a 3-pack with a lifetime warranty for just $5.

Tech Armor Samsung Galaxy S5 High Defintion (HD) Clear Screen Protectors — Maximum Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy [3-Pack] Lifetime Warranty


SUPERSHIELDZ HD Clear Screen Protector

SUPERSHIELDZ has also given you a lifetime warranty with their screen protectors and they are also giving you 6 of them for about $5.48 ($1.99 + $3.49 for shipping). It uses their HD transparency film to ensure maximum resolution. It also has real touch sensitivity for a natural feel while using this screen protector.

SUPERSHIELDZ- High Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S5 + Lifetime Replacements Warranty (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, Boost Mobile , All Carriers) [6-PACK] – Retail Packaging

Spigen GLAS.tr SLIM Screen protector

Here's another one of Spigen's screen protectors, this one has rounded corners and is pretty cool actually and easy to put on. It's also hard coated for scratch resistance and more. It's very slim at just 0.4mm thick, so almost unnoticeable.


SpigenĀ® Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector Glass Slim [GLAS.tR SLIM] (0.4mm) Rounded Edges Glass Screen Protector Anti Chip for Galaxy S5 / Galaxy SV / Galaxy S V (2014) – GLAS.tR SLIM (SGP10728)

iSmooth HD Ultra Clear Screen protector

iSmooth has their own screen protector which includes 3 screen protectors in their pack for just $4. As always, its made from high-quality Japanese PET Film as well. It also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty for those wondering.

iSmooth Samsung Galaxy S5 HD Ultra Clear Screen Protector – Compatible for the Galaxy S5 (Samsung Galaxy SV) NEW 2014 Ultra Premium HD Version – 3 PACK of S5 Screen Protector Ultra Clear – iSmooth – Lifetime Replacement Guarantee – Bubble Free Installation Guaranteed – Package Includes BONUS Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Four (4) Dust Removal Stickers, Installation Tips with Video, and Three (3) Ultra Clear Screen Protectors