Featured Review: Tylt's TUNZ NFC Bluetooth Speaker

Here we have another Bluetooth speaker to take a look at. This time it's the TUNZ speaker from TYLT. Who makes some pretty amazing products already. We've reviewed the TYLT Vu, and the TYLTT Energi battery packs in the past, and we're quite pleased with our experiences with them. So we expect nothing less from this NFC Bluetooth speaker. This is a $149 Bluetooth speaker with NFC, so we're going to treat it as such.

The TUNZ speaker does come with NFC, but you'll have to use the Tagstand app to use it fully. Which isn't a huge deal, and if you've used NFC stickers than you'll know exactly how to use it. It also has a 2800mAh battery inside - for comparison purposes this is the same size battery as Samsung put in the Galaxy S5. TYLT says that it will last around 20 hours of battery life if you use it at 50%. Which sounds around what I got. I was able to use it for a full week before needing to recharge it. But I wasn't using it all day everyday either.

As far as sound quality goes, I think it's right up there with the others I've used in the past few months. Like the Braven BRV-X, the Supertooth Disco4, and the Fugoo speaker. Although the Fugoo speaker wipes the floor with everyone on battery life. The TUNZ speaker has a soft-plastic shell which is really nice to handle, even though you probably won't be touching it much. Additionally it does have three straps that go around it. Probably to keep the speaker from bouncing on your desk or a table. Those come in black, red and blue. And are interchangeable, as you can tell in the pictures below.

On the back, the TUNZ speaker has the microUSB and USB charging ports, as well as the power button and AUX in/Out ports. So you can just hook up your phone to it with a regular 3.5mm line instead of Bluetooth. Which saves your phones battery as well as makes the music a bit better, in terms of quality. It's $149.99 and available from TYLT right now!

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