Featured Review: Tylt Energi 2k, 3k, 5k, and 10k Battery Packs

Today, we're checking out a slew of battery packs from Tylt. They were nice enough to send over four of their new battery packs which they are very proud of. These are part of the Energi series. We have the Energi 2k, Energi 3k, Energi 5k, and Energi 10k. These range from $40 for the Energi 2k to $100 for the Energi 10k. Obviously my favorite is the Energi 10k, which is actually a 10,400mAh battery pack. It also has three USB ports so you are able to charge three devices at the same time. But let's start out with the Energi 2k.

The Energi 2k, is the smallest of the bunch, as you can probably imagine. Just for size comparison it's about as thick as the LG G2, and a little more than half as tall. It has only one USB port for charging devices, then a microUSB port to charge the battery pack. There is also the power button, which when there is juice, it'll be green and when there isn't it'll be red. Simple enough right? Next up is the 3K Energi pack. This one is about the same size, but a bit thicker. It can top off a few devices, but probably not completely charge them from dead, or even under 20%, seeing as most devices have a 3000mAh battery inside or close to it. Similar to the Energi 2k it has one USB port and one microUSB port as well as the power button on the side. However, the Energi 3k does have an embedded microUSB charger. So if you needed to charge your phone real quick, you wouldn't have to go looking for a cable to charge your phone or tablet.

Now onto the bigger boys. We've got the Energi 5K and the Energi 10k here. The Energi 5k is a 5,000mAh battery pack, as the name eludes to. In terms of size, it's about the same height as the HTC One (M8), and a bit thicker as well. On the side it has a USB and a microUSB port. It also has an embedded microUSB cable to charge your smartphone or tablet. On the opposite sides from the charging ports, we've got the power button. Which works just like it does on the Energi 2k and Energi 3k. Now onto the beast, the 10,400mAh Energi 10k power bank. This one is quite thick, as you'd expect. It's like stacking about 3-4 LG G2's on top of each other. It's also a bit heavy. On the bottom it has 3 USB ports, two of them are 1A and the third is 2.1A. So you have two ports dedicated to smartphones and one for a tablet. On the end is your microUSB port to charge the battery pack. This one doesn't have an embedded microUSB cable though.

So there you have the four Energi battery packs from Tylt, we've got buying links below for you. They are great battery packs, as you've come to expect from Tylt, and I'd definitely pick up a few. Especially if you do a lot of traveling or camping or anything like that. It's also good to have one around in case of emergency, like a power outage.

Energi 2K - $39.99: Tylt, Amazon

Energi 3K - $49.99: Tylt, Amazon

Energi 5K - $89.99: Tylt, Amazon

Energi 10K - $99.99: Tylt, Amazon



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