Featured Review: Incipio’s Watson Case for the HTC One M8

April 4, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The HTC One M8 is out, well it’s on Verizon right now but will be hitting other carriers next week. And many case manufacturers have already announced their own cases and have them ready for purchase. Among those are Incipio, who are pretty big fans of Android Headlines. They’ve sent us a few of their cases to review – and giveaway. The first one we’ll be reviewing is the Watson case from Incipio. this is a wallet Folio case for the HTC One, which seems to be a pretty popular style of cases as of late. The Watson case is available in White/Teal as well as black. Obviously, I have the black on here that I’m reviewing.

The Watson case is a very nice looking case from Incipio, but then again so are all of their cases. It’s kind of like the Dot View case, or the S View Case in the fact that it flips around the front. Which inside the front are about 3 pockets for you to add your own cards, like your ID, credit cards, etc. Now the back of the case is actually two parts. There’s a hard plastic case then there’s the leather-like case that goes around the entire thing. This is because the Wallet Folio acts as a stand. So you can stand it up to watch a video on YouTube, etc. Which is definitely a nice feature to have, especially given how amazing this display is and the Boomsound front-facing speakers on the HTC One M8.

This case is available now from Incipio’s website for $44.99, or Amazon for $39.09. So you can take your pick. It’s a really nice case, even though I’m not a fan of the wallet cases on my devices, I’d still use it everyday on the HTC One M8, it looks amazing. We’ve got a few more cases from Incipio that we need to review, so make sure you stay locked on Android Headlines.

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