Facebook Getting Updated With Revamped Control Panel And Anonymous Login

One of the more frustrating things for some Facebook users is the "Facebook Login" feature that comes along with most apps. If for nothing else, it serves as a great indicator to display just how big and popular Facebook really is, but the true idea behind it is of course to allow those apps access to your Facebook information, so that data can then be displayed on your Facebook page, showing what apps you use and such to friends. Google has started doing the same thing with Google+, allowing you to sign into other apps with your Google account. Sometimes you just don't want apps to post stuff to Facebook news feed though. Once in a while it would be nice to keep things as anonymous as possible.

Luckily for users, Facebook has heard your cries and is listening to the changes that we want to see. Today they have announce two new changes that are getting made to Facebook that should allow the user to have a little more control when it comes to anonymity and privacy. Anonymous Login and a revamped set of controls for app permissions. For anonymous login, users can now basically use the anonymity feature to allow a soft login of sorts to any given app by using a completely anonymous account. This lets you try things by giving the app limited access to your Facebook data, if you like the app and intend to keep on using it, you can go into a full scale Facebook login later on.

Users will of course need a way to access all these new login and privacy settings, so Facebook has created the new control panel for users to do this. Not new rather, but more like revamped like we stated above. The app control panel does now have some new features though, of which one is the anonymous login we have already been discussing. The other new features allow for more control of the information you want other apps to have access to. So perhaps you've decided to let an app have full scale Facebook logins and forego the whole anonymous login from the beginning, but maybe you don't want it knowing all the data and information from your profile. If that's the case, you can pick and choose it seems which information the app is allowed to know, like birthdays, emails or maybe even location. These are definitely some welcomed changes and having the ability to set which pieces of data apps can access through Facebook login is a huge step forward for the feature.

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