Explorer Gets his Glass Stolen and Smashed to the ground in San Francisco

April 14, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This story has been making the rounds since Friday, and we’ve been waiting to run it until we had more information, which we do now. A reporter, Kyle Russell, was in San Francisco covering some events and such, as a typical journalist would. He was heading to the 16th BART Startion, probably to head to his hotel or head home, when a woman aka a Glass hater, yelled “Glass!” then ripped his Glass off his face and ran off with them. She didn’t get away with the $1500 pair of Glass though, as they did get smashed on the ground. This is reportedly the second incident like this in the past month.

Now this is atypical to a hate crime. But it’s also important to note that Russell was using Glass in broad daylight and outdoors. So it’s not like he was in a bar, Casino or another establishment with them on. In fact, it’s likely that Russell was using Glass to aid his story, by using the video recording functionality. Although that’s kinda mute at this point. It appears that Russell was wearing Glass in the wrong place at the wrong time. Russell stated:

“Unfortunately, anything associated with Google has come to represent gentrification in the city, from the buses that take young software engineers to their corporate campuses in Silicon Valley to Google Glass. This is especially true in areas where gentrification and income inequality have become points of conflict in the community,”

Glass didn’t survive the mean streets of San Francisco, as the device doesn’t respond to touch or voice anymore. Hopefully Google will replace them for him free of charge, although there’s no word on that just yet. Also, don’t forget that Google is opening the flood gates tomorrow for Glass. So if you’ve wanted to spend $1500 on Glass, tomorrow’s your chance. It’s open to anyone in the US.