Evleaks Outs Image Showing The Name Of The New Moto X Device

We know that there is a follow up to the Moto X down the pipeline. Motorola had said so themselves, but what information we know about the device is little if anything. With the original Moto X still a few months shy of hitting the 1-year mark since its launch, some might think that it's a little too early to start speculating and discussing leaked information about the new phone. It can be fun to talk about potential ideas though and a good leak never hurt anyone. They can be something to think about while more concrete information comes forward.

So far what we know of the device is that it's either named or being referred to internally as the Moto X +1. Unfortunately there isn't much else we can offer in terms of details about this upcoming new phone from Motorola. With that said, the device name was brought to our attention by evleaks with an image that simply states the new name of the Moto X successor. Evleaks as most of you may know is usually responsible for a lot of the leaked information or images of new devices. While there is a lack of any information whatsoever on the Moto X +1 besides the potential name, we know some things that we liked about the Moto X that we hope Motorola doesn't mess with, and some things we weren't too fond of that could stand to use some changes or improvement.

For us, the lack of some powerful hardware or a little bit bigger of a display were some drawbacks to the device that we hope the new phone can improve upon the second time around. The original was ok in these areas, but some more processing power and maybe near a 5-inch display closer to the size of the Nexus 5 would be some good improvements. That being said, the Moto X still performed exceptionally well even without the high performance hardware because of the software engineering of the device. The phone ran extremely smooth, and with pretty much stock android on board there was little to complain about in the lag department if any. Active display and touchless controls are also some features that we loved, and we can't wait to see how Motorola improves these two functions.

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