EE to Raise Prices in the UK by 2.7% as Of May 28th; Orange and T-Mobile Included



UK customers of EE, T-Mobile and Orange are about to end up paying more for their monthly phone bills, as EE is hiking their prices by 2.7%. Customers who signed up to EE after the 23rd of January this year will be immune to the increases, as it's now law in the UK to allow customers to leave their contracts (facing no penalties) and unsurprisingly it'd seem that EE isn't looking to lose customers. However, if you're in an existing 12, 18 or 24-month contract with either EE, T-Mobile or Orange, then your monthly bill will be going up by the aforementioned 2.7% this Summer.


EE has said that the 2.7% price rise is in line with the Retail Price Index, meaning that if you're looking to get out of your contract as a result, "You'll need to pay any cancellation charges that may apply." say EE. We're sure this is going to be a real both for a great many consumers up and down the UK, as price rises are never nice to face. However, the 2.7% rise might not be as bad as it seems, the company has a calculator for customers to see how much they're paying on their website. Those paying £45 (inc VAT) will pay £46.19 a month from June onwards. A frustrating move for certain, but one that's likely to have much effect on customers.

With O2, Vodafone and Three now all offering 4G in the UK, competition for EE has become more fierce and we're sure these price increases won't do much for their reputation. Especially as Three is offering unlimited data with the majority of their contracts for less than EE offer for a paltry amount of browsing power. The new pricing doesn't come into effect until 28th of May, so there's a little time to shop around if you're due an upgrade around then, but these prices mostly amount to an extra £2 or so a month, making it £24 or so more expensive per year. Let us know in the comments below if you think these rise are enough to get you to leave EE.

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