Edward Wang Reportedly Appointed as new HTC CFO

April 28, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Coming out of Bloomberg this morning, is the news that Edward Wang is being appointed as the new CFO for Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. Edward would be replacing the former CFO, Chailin Chang, who announced a move over to Global sales late last year. As far as experience goes Edward Wang has worked for numerous banks and holdings companies, as well as being part of HTC since 2006. 

There’s been quite the shake up at HTC lately. On Friday, HTC announced that two executives were leaving the company. One was the SVP of Design for the company. As we all know, HTC’s financials are in pretty rough shake. Barely able to turn a profit in the past two years. We’re hoping that turns around for HTC, but as we know that doesn’t happen overnight and will take some time. Hopefully Edward Wang can help turn that fortune around as the new CFO, if this indeed true. Remember that this should be treated as a rumor, as HTC has not yet confirmed that Edward Wang will be their new CFO.

HTC just recently launched the new HTC One (M8) as the successor to the HTC One last year which received rave reviews, especially among the tech community. We all loved the build of the HTC One as well as the front-facing speakers, known as Boomsound. HTC makes great devices, they are lacking in the marketing department. Which HTC did just score the guy that’s responsible for “The Next Big Thing” campaigns from Samsung. So hopefully we’ll see some change there soon.

For those looking for more information, you can check out the Bloomberg post that’s linked in the sources links down below. It’s definitely interesting to see all these changes at HTC, and all we can hope for is a big turn around for HTC. As they are a good company and listens to their customers.