Driving Assistant App Automatic Can Help To Improve Your Driving Habits

Android users can now have the pleasure of using a cool driving assistant app called Automatic, that can help them improve their driving habits. The app has actually been on iOS for a while now and it has finally made the jump to the play store, and the app combos together with a tiny little dongle called the Automatic link that you plug into your cars data port, and the dongle easily connects to your phone through Bluetooth. The mission of the team at automatic is as they say, to unlock our cars potential and redefine people's relationship to driving. Alongside the safety features of Automatic and how it can help you improve the way you drive, it also has efficiency benefits, and can make driving more fun by making it easier to do certain things.

Like seamless car sharing for instance. If you have a friend or family member that you want to let borrow your car, but they don't know where you parked it, they can simply find it on the map using the Automatic app, which is able to track your vehicle by finding the Automatic link. This can also serve as a great way to always know yourself where you parked, so you don't have to worry about getting lost. The Automatic link/app pair can also help you with auto efficiency as we stated above, by helping you to save on gas just by adjusting your driving habits a little bit. For example, it learns from the way you drive, and when you do things that might waste gas it'll notify with a light audio tone. You can then track your drive score from the app which receives data from the Automatic link, and narrow down where you need to improve.

Automatic can also help you with safety. Since it's connected to your car, if the check engine light comes on it will alert you on your phone with a description of the problem and possible solutions to on how to fix it. If it's an issue that you can take care of yourself, you can avoid having to take your car in to get serviced to fix a minor problem. In the event of a crash, it can also help to alert 911 with your location so they know were to find you, and notify family or friends so that they know your safe and help is on the way. The Automatic app itself is free, while the Automatic link dongle is $99. If you have been looking for an easy way to manage your driving habits, Automatic is the way to do it.

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