Download Booster For The Galaxy S5 Seems To Be A T-mobile Only Feature

Earlier this week we reported that the popular Download Booster feature was in fact missing from the ATT version of the Galaxy S5, a feature that was heavily advertised by Samsung at Mobile World Congress. Just to recap for those that may have missed it, the Download Booster feature uses both WiFi connection(when available) and LTE network connection to download files, so when downloading a rather large app, game, or any other type of file, everything gets downloaded much faster because portions of the file are downloaded by each connection at the same time. It would appear that ATT isn't the only carrier that has the Download Booster feature missing from it's live models though, as the Sprint version of the device seems to be lacking the feature anywhere in the menus as well. There are no toggle switches in sight allowing users to turn the Download Booster on or off. Verizon's product page is also lacking a description of support for the feature.

So what gives? So far there isn't any confirmation from any of the carriers as to why the feature won't be available to users at the devices launch, however we suspect that it will end up getting pushed out to users in an update in the future. This was the case with the HTC One M8 on Sprint with the Ultra Power Saving mode. What's interesting, is that T-Mobile is the only carrier of the four major US wireless service providers that lists the device will have support for the feature, yet other carrier sites like Verizon's doesn't have the feature listed at all. There hasn't been a live T-mobile Galaxy S5 model to verify yet if the feature will exist upon launch but all signs point to it being present.

From what we know, the Download Booster feature is one that the carriers have the choice to support or not support, per the description of the feature in the phones manual. In a response to a question on the Verizon Galaxy S5 product page, someone from VZW acknowledges the comment with a simple reply that Verizon currently does not support the Download Booster. So there you have it. Whether the feature is included in the phone from your carrier or not is completely up to your carriers discretion. Since it's not available immediately, here's hoping it comes later, although there are alternative apps to do the same thing.

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