Docs And Sheets Get Their Very Own Apps, Available Now For Download

Google just made using Docs and Spreadsheets on android a little easier with more quick convenience. Today their launching two new apps for Android and iOS, that are standalone separate applications for the Docs and spreadsheets functions of Google Drive appropriately named, Docs and Sheets. Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets is something that we were used to having already before everything was consolidated into Google Drive, so it's nice to see that we can have a separate application back in the fold and should we just want to create or edit a Doc, we can do so quickly and easily without having to go into Drive.

So far the Docs app is pretty easy to use. It doesn't seem to feature anything new that you couldn't already do with Docs in Google Drive, but that's ok as we still enjoy having the opportunity to access docs outside of Drive. Both the Sheets app and the Docs app are capable of offline mode like most other Google apps, so if you want to edit any already existing docs or create a totally brand new one but you have no data connection in sight, that's OK as the offline mode will allow for this to happen and the things you changed will just update once you find a connection again. While right now there doesn't seem to be a Slides app available yet, the word is that Google is planning on sliding that application over to users not too far  from now so we can expect to see it in the Play Store sooner than later.

Both apps are live on the Play Store as of now so if you have the need to get a hold of docs and spreadsheets while on the go you can do just that after you install these apps. Since the availability to create and edit new Docs and Sheets was already available through Drive, we have to wonder why Google decided to split things up and make standalone apps for each. We're not complaining by any means as we actually like it better this way. We just simply wonder what Google might be planning by separating things out. You can access the apps from this link here at the Play Store page for all the Google apps.

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