Android Dialer App Redesign On The Way With Blue Color Theme


In the midst of changes coming to Android that are focused on fixing bugs, Google's redesign to the core apps like Play Music, Play Books, Gmail etc., Project Hera and beyond, something is happening with Android that quite frankly a lot of people were skeptical about. Most of the changes coming to Android that revolve around new looks could be limited to app UIs, but as more and more details and images leaks/screenshots of more new designs creep out of the woodwork, it seems that there may be more things taking on a new look than we imagined. It's still unclear what all is changing and when, but we know that some new redesigns are coming.

Today a Twitter conversation being carried on between one individual and the Google Nexus Twitter account, ended up leading to a screenshot of the Dialer application(which isn't exactly a Google core app) that had taken on a new face that seems to evoke a similar design to that of the apps we've seen so far that have been mentioned with Project Hera. This new Dialer screenshot has a completely new blue color bar at the top where the previous grayish-white bar used to be. Whoever tweeted the image screenshot seems to have been assisting the other party in the conversation, which is why the screenshot came up in the first place, to demonstrate the particular place that person was supposed to go within the Dialer app to show that the call timer on still exists within the call history.

So far we know of similar colored UI changes to the Gmail app, and we can probably expect to see a similar design change to other Google apps like Google+, Calendar, we would expect messaging, and we wouldn't be surprised to see apps like Google Keep get the redesign treatment as well. Since the Dialer is getting a makeover, we can also probably expect to see some UI changes to the People app too, at least that would make sense. It doesn't seem like Google minds that the screenshot was posted, because they haven't taken it down so we can assume that they want people to know these changes are coming. Some of the colors we've seen are similar to the colors we already see in Google Keep for the colors of notes, along with some of the colors of new events inside the Calendar app. What do you think about the new style? Are you as excited as half of the interwebs?

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