Deal: HP Chromebook 11 Available for $249.99

April 25, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The HP Chromebook 11 is a great Chromebook. It is able to be charged via a microUSB port instead of the standard laptop charger. Which means a lot of the chargers you use for your smartphones or tablets can power the Chromebook 11. Even those portable battery packs. The HP Chromebook 11 is also pretty cool because it’s in different colors, and it has an 11-inch 1366-768 display, Samsung Exynos 5250 dual-core 1.7GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB SSD inside. It’s quite nice for a Chromebook, even though I’d rather have about 4GB of RAM inside. But 2GB will work for most people. Today, the Chromebook 11 is on sale for $249. It’s normal price is $279. So it’s not a huge drop in price, but still noticeable. If you’re interested in picking up the new HP Chromebook 11, now is the perfect time to do so.

HP Chromebook 11 (White/Blue)