Data Hints That Nearly a Third of iPhone Users Are Upgrading to the Galaxy S5



Whenever a new smartphone or tablet hits the market – no matter its make or brand – there's always going to be something of a shift in the mobile industry. After all, when users have a device in good condition they can sell to put towards a new one, upgrading doesn't seem as difficult as it once was. Recent data from UK firm CompareMyMobile suggests that a sizable amount of iPhone users are upgrading to Samsung's latest and greatest, the Galaxy S5. According to the site, trade-ins of iPhone 4S smartphones rose by 210% since the Galaxy S5 was launched. This was followed closely by the Galaxy S III, which saw a rise of 196%, and the iPhone 5S came in third with an increase of 184%.


So, what does this data tell us? Well, while not concrete by any means, this data certainly suggests that a lot of iPhone users are getting rid of their device are moving to the Galaxy S5. According to CompareMyMobile, nearly a third of iPhone trade-ins were upgrading to a Galaxy S5. While this is certainly going to be music to Samsung's fans ears, we're not exactly surprised. Regardless of what Apple (or certain outspoken individuals) will tell you, the iPhone has remained much the same over these past few years and of course, iOS 7 has certainly put a number of people off. Most average users don't have allegiances to either side, or even ecosystems, so when they want to upgrade, they want to upgrade to something different. For an iPhone user, the Galaxy S5 is certainly that.

In the UK, the vast majority of users are paying for two-year contracts, with the phone being "free" in many cases. As such, it's a long time from upgrade-to-upgrade, and as the iPhone has only really gone through a minor growth spurt, an annoying software change and little else, it's no surprise they're looking for something different. Have you upgrade to a Galaxy S5? If so, let us know which device you're coming from, and look for our full review shortly.

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