CyanogenMod 11 M5 Builds Now Hitting Select Devices


For those of you running CyanogenMod 11 on your device, well their fifth "monthly" build is hitting their servers right now. For those that don't know their M builds aren't technically monthlies or milestones. But just a semi-stable build of CM 11 for each device. As far as stability goes, it's right in the middle of stable and nightly. Which is the perfect combination for someone who likes being on the bleeding edge of technology but not enough time to flash a nightly everyday. Cyanogen Inc's monthly builds are generally pretty stable and come out each month. Here's the change log for this month's release.

Trebuchet – Fix last icon from hotseat disappearing
Trebuchet – Fix custom home transition effect
Volume Panel – Increase opacity of transparency (previous level led to visibility concerns)
WhisperPush – Relocate to Privacy menu
WhisperPush – fix NPE on viewing identity if unregistered
Translations – Initial imports from CrowdIn (followup blog post next week)
MultiSim – Additional support patches (25+)
Privacy Guard – Additional AppOps permissions
Additional Right-to-left (RTL) layout mirroring support
Settings – Add 'screen color' support
Quickboot support (device specific)
Stylus – Fix eraser being disabled by palm rejection
NavBar – Allow toggle in runtime (needs kernel support)
Add ethernet icon support to status bar
Dialer – Open Source forward/backward/incoming look-up


What's interesting is that the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 were left out in this release, at least for now. I'm sure we'll see their M5 releases real soon. But for now, you can head over to CyanogenMod's download page and check out the new builds and find the one for your device. Please be sure you get the right device, because as most of you know there are several versions of each flagship, due to carriers, and regions. So be careful.