Comcast Reportedly Looking To Offer Wireless Phone Service

Comcast must be scared by the reality of wireless service providers looking into offering high speed internet, and with Google rolling out Fiber in a few areas and looking to expand, and rumors of their hopes to provide a wireless service in the future, Comcast Cable looks to be putting together a plan of attack to offer a wireless phone service of their own. Apparently being nominated worst company in america by the WCIA wasn't enough of a lofty goal for the internet/phone/tv service provider, as sources close with the matter were said to be told by Comcast that they were considering offering up wireless phone service in the future, that would consist of the company leasing cell network usage and wifi to make the service work for subscribers.

While this would in effect put them on par(in a sense) with Verizon and ATT, this sounds a lot more like what Google apparently has plans to do that we touched on recently. Google's plan is likely to utilize a combination of places where they sponsor the wireless hotspot connectivity in locations like Starbucks, and leased cell network activity as well. Is it a coincidence that this news of Comcast wanting to offer wireless phone service, comes after Google not only announces plans and hopes for locations of more Google Fiber internet rollouts, but the interest in offering wireless phone service themselves? Who really knows but if Comcast's goals come to fruition and their wireless phone plan prices are anything like there high internet prices, we can't see them doing as well as they probably hope they will.

One of their goals as always will apparently be to offer up attractive bundles to subscribers, which would presumably be comprised of various packages, with the main focus being on a bundle package that would bring together a users, TV, landline phone, internet service, and wireless phone service all in one consolidated group. Now, Comcast is huge, and if anyone might be able to pull this off gracefully it would be Comcast. But.. Other providers have been down this road before though haven't they? Anyone remember Qwest? Didn't think so. There's a reason. Because the idea of having all your services like these bundled up seems good in theory but when you get right down to it will probably cause more harm than good. I won't be one to assume that Comcast will fail in this pursuit, but they wouldn't be the first to have set this bar high and miss. The plan for this service offering is only in the development stages at the moment, but with Verizon's leased network space, and Comcast's billions of dollars to throw at something like this, they just might make things happen. The question if they do, is whether people would want to use the service or not.

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