Chromebooks Sold 2.1 Million Units Last Year; Said to Grow to 11 Million by 2019


It stands to reason that if you're an avid Android user, then you've probably had a little more than a passing interest in Chromebooks over these past couple of years. What once was a bizarre operating system idea far ahead of its time is a real consumer product you can buy from Best Buy, and they're slowly buy surely taking off. Here at Android Headlines, we're big fans of Chromebooks (in fact this is coming to you from a shiny new Chromebook 14) and it would seem that millions of others in 2013 were big fans as well.

This latest report from ABI Research states that 2.1 Million Chromebooks were shipped throughout 2013. Now, that sounds like a small number (because it is) but what we need to remember is that in a Windows dominated world, it's hard for any product to break through, let alone something that still has something of a niche appeal to it like the Chromebook. With the PC market shrinking at a steady rate of 6 - 8% a year, it's surprising to see the Chromebook gain any traction at all at this rate. ABI Research have gone on to predict stronger sales for Chromebooks, predicting that by 2019, 11 Million of them will have been shipped.

It's easy to see why these laptops that aren't laptops, but really are laptops are catching on. Google's Chrome browse is the most popular web browser on the planet, and when people spend all day in Chrome, and little else, on their computers then it's easy as pie to sell them a Chromebook. Not to mention how affordable and simple to purchase they are from the likes of Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores alike. The OS itself is still growing, still evolving, and Google are making good progress. Recently, Chrome OS gained the ability to run local applications downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and there's a more diverse range of hardware out there these days. Gone are the days when you could only get an 11.6-inch Chromebook, and there are 13 and 14-inch models to choose from. I'm personally very happy with my Chromebook 14 from HP and I'm excited to see where things are headed. Misconceptions like Chromebooks being just for the average user will need to be quashed by Google if they hope to take some serious market share, but it's clear Google is getting there.

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