Can't Wait for April 11th? How About Ordering an Unlocked Galaxy S5 from Amazon for $825?



Considering that Samsung's next big thing has been announced since February, and that the Korean giant has been preparing for a worldwide April 11th launch for quite some time, it's hardly surprising that there's stock floating around already, and the device is already on sale in South Korea. Pre-orders for the device have been open for quite some time, so those that are definitely looking to get their hands on the next Galaxy S have more than likely already staked their claim to one. Still though, there might be some of you out there looking to get your hands on the device before then? A 10-day wait could simply be too much for some Samsung fans (you know you are).


At roughly $825 these unlocked options from Amazon are incredibly expensive, plain and simple. However, for those that are used to spending oodles of cash on unlocked smartphones, then $800 plus could simply be another number. If that's the case, then be sure to have a look at these options on Amazon (yeah, it shocked us too when some of them were asking for shipping on $820, too). If any of you guys take the plunge on these crazy expensive Galaxy S5s, let us know in the comments below!

With smartphones getting more and more expensive all the time, is it that unreasonable to be charging these sorts of prices? We're unsure to tell the truth, but as you'll have to get phone service on top of these prices it quickly starts to seem a little ridiculous. Is it worth $825? Well, that's something only the buyer can answer, but with a Snapdragon 801, a new and improved 16-megapixel camera, a heart rate monitor, water resistance and more it's certainly got all the right boxes ticked. With carriers throughout the US selling the device on contract however, it would make a lot more sense to see what your preferred network has on offer for you.

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