Can Samsung Ship 35 Million Units Of The Galaxy S5 In Q2?

What investors first thought could end up a similar year to last with smartphone sales, looks to have a more promising outcome as Samsung is expecting to have better numbers in the way of shipments and sales from last years Galaxy S4. On the day of its release, Samsung has shipped 1.3 times as many Galaxy S5's compared to Galaxy S4 devices the same time last year, at least according to Samsung. If that is truly the case then shipment and sales numbers certainly look to end up more on a positive note. Although not every device shipped will equate to one being purchased, because lets be honest that isn't realistic, Samsung is projecting that it will ship around 35 million handsets in just the second quarter alone, and they will probably sell most of them.

Samsung stands to be in a good place if they can keep their sales numbers on the rise or at least keep them from dropping. The Galaxy S5 undoubtedly costs more to manufacture but what Samsung may have lost in production cost compared to last year with the S4 could be made up by the decrease in spending they have been applying to their marketing strategies. All Samsung really has to do is stay on track with the same ratio of their sales conversion rate from the Galaxy S4 and they should be just fine.

While it's still extremely early to start projecting the success of Samsung's smartphone sales for this year, smartphones sales are the main bread winner for the Korean manufacturer so it isn't a surprise that they place a lot of focus on how well they do in this particular market. We have no doubt that Samsung will flourish with the S5. Every device since the original Galaxy S has gotten increasingly more popular and last years Galaxy S4 was their most popular device ever, so with the S5 already doing better in numbers, it would be safe to assume that they will come out doing better than they did last year overall. They're also taking a different approach to selling the S5 than they did with its predecessor, in that they're focusing less on gimmicky new features and more on useful life improving qualities in a more refined package.

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