AT&T Expanding Contract with TransitWireless; Bringing Coverage to 40 More Stations

April 10, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

AT&T has been working with Transit Wireless to get coverage in many of New York City’s subway stations. They currently have voice and data coverage in about 36 stations, and are bringing it to an additional 40. They plan to have coverage in 242 stations. However, only 40 of them will be done by the summer. Now Transit Wireless is still in phase 2 of 7, so they won’t be reaching their full potential for a few more years. But this does more than double AT&T’s existence in these subway stations. Going from 36, to 76 by the end of this summer is a pretty big deal. They are adding 11 more stations in Mid-Town and 29 in Queens. So it’s great to hear. Obviously, there’s still quite a ways to go before the entire city is covered, but it’s definitely a big start for AT&T.

Right now, AT&T is the second largest operator in the US, behind Verizon. However they do have the fastest LTE network right now. Sure T-Mobile is said to have the fastest, but AT&T has more people covered than T-Mobile, a lot more people. And for them to be expanding coverage and capacity in New York City, it’s a good thing for those that live in NYC. As you’re going to get faster speeds since the network won’t be as congested. Verizon and T-Mobile had been adding more capacity in NYC for their networks as well. But AT&T seems to be the only one getting coverage in subway stations, at least for now.

AT&T is making some good moves in New York City. Have any of you thought about moving over to AT&T? Have their recent price changes made you want to drop your current carrier and pick up AT&T? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.