Autographer Wearable Camera Users Finally Get An Android App

Great news for those of who use the Autographer Wearable Camera to take pictures and chronicle your life. Autographer has just released their android app to the play store today so you can more easily view, delete, tag, and share your photos taken with your Autographer Camera without having to utilize the desktop software. You can still get things done from your desktop while you're at home if you wish, but while you're out and about you can now access all those images from the app, and even select a single image or multiple images to create GIFs. The app is free and images are viewed in a chronological order. You can even use the app to create some cool stop motion videos.

The Autographer camera itself is an intelligent wearable camera with a 136 degree field of view that allows for spontaneous and hands free photography. You simply wear the Autographer Camera around your neck and the photos shoot themselves. They capture the mood which can be very difficult to do with regular staged photos because of the sheer fact that people know the photo is about to be taken. With the Autographer Camera you can grab the atmosphere of the moment in the most unique way possible. It might seem weird and unconventional, and that's extremely correct. It is weird, and it is unconventional compared to how we take photos now, but it's also wonderful allowing us to see photos like we may have never seen them before.

The Autographer uses five onboard smart sensors and GPS to work out the best times to take photos, so it isn't just randomly taking them as you go about your day. It's a fun, new, and cool way to take images, and if you want to add some cool effects, in addition to the stop motion video and GIF creation, the app will also let you create some cool times lapse sequences. The Autographer is small and easily portable, and comes in a range of colors to fit your style. The new app for android is a great way to be able to manage your Autographer photos without the need to be tied down to the computer at home. Now that android users can use the app, you can be out grabbing more autographs as the company likes to call them, while you may be editing or managing the ones already stored in the Autographer share cloud service. You can pick up a Autographer Wearable Camera from amazon for $399, or £299 if you live in the UK.

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