Android Phone Comparisons: LG G Flex vs HTC One M8



Here we go with another HTC One M8 comparison, this time with the LG G Flex, much like the LG G2, but with a larger screen and the resolution drops from Full HD to HD with 720p. The LG G Flex has a curved display from top-to-bottom, a curved battery, and a self-healing back. Both devices have about the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors, both clocked at 2.3GHz – the one in the HTC One M8 is 'jacked-up' slightly over the one found in the G Flex. Both devices have 2GB of RAM and the G Flex has 32GB of internal storage and the HTC One M8 has both a 16GB or 32GB option, however, it has a microSD slot to add up to 128GB of internal storage. Other than those similarities, these devices are very different. Take a look at the specifications below and the read on to see what each of these devices have to offer, then we will pick a winner of the comparison.


Specs Updated



LG G Flex

G Flex

The LG G Flex just arrived the first of the year, so it is a close enough release to pit against the HTC One M8. The LG G Flex has a curved display, top-to-bottom, and at 6-inches is larger than the 5-inch display of the HTC One M8. To some people, the larger display is a plus and to others it is a definite minus, but the real deal breaker is the fact that the G Flex only has an HD display at 1280 x 720p resolution while the HTC One M8 is a Full HD resolution. The G Flex does offer 32GB of internal storage as standard, but offers no microSD card slot for increasing that capacity. The 3500mAh battery of the G Flex certainly trumps the 2600mAh battery in the HTC One M8, and while battery size is no definite indication of battery life, in Alex's review of the G Flex he noted the battery was awesome. The G Flex uses a 13MP OIS camera and it does take decent enough photos, although our own Alex Maxham did not feel they were as good as the original LG G2. The back of the device also has something new called 'self-healing,' and if you get a scratch or nick in the back, it does tend to repair itself, but it is definitely open to improvement. The G Flex also comes with only Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and add to that the price, it makes the HTC One M8 look even better.



HTC One M8

HTC-One-M8-T-Mobile-AH (08)

The new HTC One M8 is the all aluminum evolution of last year's hit, the HTC One M7. There is no denying this is beautiful looking device, although many people do not like the metal – it dents, scratches, and gets hot or cold depending on the ambient temperature, not to mention that many users put on a case and cover it all up. The speakers are a real strong point – front-mounted, dual stereo and with BoomSound – certainly the best sounding of any smartphone speakers and HTC made the M8's 25-percent louder and with more clarity than last year's. The display is 5-inches and smaller than the LG G Flex, but it is Full HD at 1080p resolution. The M8 comes with either 16GB or 32GB of internal memory, but has a microSD card slot for up to 128GB of additional storage. The camera is the same 4MP UltraPixel model used last year, however, they added a dual LED Flash and a second Duo Camera for special effects. The battery is rather small at 2600mAh, but the 2300mAh in the HTC One M7 did a good job in Tom's review. It comes with the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat and a newer version of HTC Sense 6.0 and updated BlinkFeed.



…And the Winner is…

HTC-One-M8-T-Mobile-AH (02)


We have to give the nod to the new HTC One M8 – it has better build quality, nicer display, better speakers, slightly faster processor, option for a microSD card, certainly as good a camera, comes with Android 4.4.2 KitKat all at a reasonable price. The LG G Flex is more a 'novelty' type device by LG to test the waters with the curved display, rather than a flagship device and we can see no compelling reason to choose it over the new HTC One M8. Please let us know on our Google+ Page what you think of this comparison – which one do you think deserves to win – we would love to hear what you have to say.