Android Headliner: How Google Could Make I/O 2014 Even More Monumental

Google's annual developers conference is a big to do in the tech world. Plenty of people look forward to it every single year with lots to do and plenty of fun things to see that revolve around what's next for Android, Chrome, Search, and plenty of other areas and topics that could be lumped under the Google Umbrella. While this is primarily a developers conference, with many of the sessions and talks pertaining to development ideas, new paths and the advancements developers can take advantage of, there is at least one part of Google I/O that just about everyone shows interest in, and that's the keynote speech. The keynote is the main attraction, the bread and butter if you will, and always promises to showcase the most groundbreaking new changes coming from Google, whether it be new stuff to do with Android, new devices, advancements for Chrome and Chrome OS, and this year maybe even Google Glass and Android Wear. One thing is for sure, at least part of the Keynote if not all of it should have some exciting stuff to look forward to.

If you end up unsuccessful in this years Google I/O lottery, you'll still have the opportunity to see the keynote live online, but we know that still isn't the same as being there. From the Keynote speech, to the OEMs and vendors showing off new things they've been working on, the buzz and action of all the people gathering to talk about the future of tech, there's just nothing quite like being there in person. While I have only been to one I/O event myself since they started, I remember it fondly, purely for the experience of getting to take everything in and meet some new people, and seeing all the new changes coming to Android. If you've been to one of the events yourself, then you know how much of a spectacle it can be. What can Google to do to make it even bigger though? It's already a large scale event, right down to the party at the end of the first day. So how can Google improve the experience? There's already so much attention to detail that's undoubtedly been put in place that we wonder if there's any way they could possibly make it better. Rest assured though even though it's already an awesome experience to be involved in, Google I/O could still be amplified into an even more exciting event than past years.

At these sorts of events, people love to play with things. If it's something you can operate, touch, move, control, etc., people will probably want to play with it. Making sure that there is direct access to play with the fun stuff will surely make people remember being there. Coming from a press perspective, ensuring a stable and fast internet connection can mean a world of difference. From my personal experience the first time around, the internet connectivity was sadly, not quite what you'd hope for. While this is certainly not the highest priority, it does make things easier for those who need to be connected at the event and share all the exciting stuff with the world. What would make I/O this year the most exciting? For me, it would be seeing them show off the Moto 360, Google Glass, and perhaps a new android device or new android build. Even better still, showing off all of it. While it's unlikely we'd see all of those things at the event this year, it sure would be amazing if they all made appearances.

There will likely be at least a handful of attendees going to I/O this year that will be full fledged Glass Explorers, but what about for those of us that aren't? It would be great to see some sort of setup to get some hands on time with Glass at the event, which could lead to more excitement for those who have yet to become an explorer. When you get right down to it, no matter what Google does I/O 2014 will likely turn out to be a spectacular event. I look forward to being there on the first day to see what Google has in store, and we look forward to sharing it with all of you. There will be lots to do and lots to see, but what are some of the the things you'd like to see at this years Google I/O? What do you think could enhance the experience?

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