Android Headliner: Is Glass an Invasion of Privacy?

April 19, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’ve been hearing about Google Glass for a couple of years now. Last year Google started sending out Glass to Explorers who had RSVP’d at the Google I/O before that  – Google I/O 2012 to be exact – as well as some others who were selected. Google Glass has been met with some mixed feelings. Some places that Explorers go to, they are asked to take off their Glass, or are kicked out for wearing them. Which with casinos and such, it makes sense. Then there was the incident where a reported got his Glass stolen and then smashed on the ground by a lady in San Francisco.

While none of us here at Android Headlines have used Glass or even own it, we do see how awesome it can be. But the $1500 price tag is keeping us away – at least for now. This past week, Google opened up the Explorers program to everyone in the US for one day only. They were able to buy Glass for $1500 and get a few goodies along with it. Google did say they sold out, but it’s hard to gauge that since we don’t know how many were made. Glass is pretty unique, and it’s come along way since its inception but I still think it has a ways to go.

We’ve been seeing Glass in different sports, we’ve seen referees in the NBA using them and even doctors in surgery. But we have all these people that are afraid that they are being recorded while people have Glass on. While that may be true, as you can record with Glass, you really shouldn’t be worried about that. Especially if you’re out in public. As there are video cameras everywhere. Heck, that guy walking down the street with his phone out could be recording you. I think it’ll take a few more years before Glass is really mainstream and not everyone is afraid of it. It’s some really cool tech, but still has a ways to go.