Android Games Weekly 04/20/14: Humble Mobile Bundle 5, Amazing Spiderman 2, Real Racing 3, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 Is Your Ticket To Great Inexpensive Games

In case you missed it earlier on in the week, Humble Mobile Bundle 5 is here and it offers up some really great games for a very little amount of money. There are six games total as of right now with the promise of more to be added soon in the near future,(something that happens with pretty much every Humble Bundle)so now is the time to get in on this awesome deal. As it stands, there are three games you get access to no matter what you pay, but if you slap down the minimum average of $5.05 you'll get access to the unlockable titles as well. The regular games are Bag It!, R-Type II, and Aralon Sword and Shadow, and if you pay the average you'll unlock Carcassonne, The Room Two, and The Cave. Not to mention that paying the average instantly unlocks the new games once they're added to the pack. The bundle is still live, and we recommend picking it up before the minimum price goes higher. You can hit this link to get to the Humble Bundle website.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Swings Into Action On Android

Gamelofts follow up to The Amazing Spider-Man game that was based off the first film is now here and ready for enjoyment. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 brings eye popping and outstanding visuals along with some intense action filled gameplay, so you can defeat some of your most dastardly of foes, sling web around town and save the day. Experience tons of action in a large 3D open world, kick butt with combo focused attacks and combat, and face off against some of the most memorable Marvel villains in the Spidey universe. There's lots to discover, and tons of campaign gameplay, and other stuff to keep you busy like local events and suit unlocks. This is one massive game, and if you're comic fan and love the webhead as much as we do, take a look at this game. It'll set you back $4.99, which isn't all that bad considering the prices of some of Gameloft's most popular game titles is $6.99. You can grab the game from the Play Store link and swing right into action.

Real Racing 3 Gets Lavish New Update With More Exotic Cars And New Events

Just in case you were getting a little bored with the vehicles you've amassed in Real Racing 3, the good news is that the newest update that recently launched adds in some new exotic cars for you to try and obtain. New cars wouldn't be complete without new events to race them in, so you'll have new tracks to burn rubber and show everyone else what your racing skills are made of. The new vehicles that come along for the ride this update are Caterham Seven 620R, KTM X-Bow R, Ariel Atom 3.5, Ariel Atom V8, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo, the Porsche 911 RSR (2014) and more. For starters, that's a good set of new vehicles that should prove to be lots of fun to drive. Once you're ready to hit the track, you can choose to compete in one of the two new events, Road to Le Mans and the Hyundai Veloster Turbo Time Trial. Real Racing as always is free and the update is too, so if you're free for the rest of the day we just found something for you to do.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition For Android Brings Back The Classic RPG Dungeon Crawler

We've covered Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition in the past, but up until now all we could do was revel in the greatness that we might soon have our hands on. Earlier in the week the game finally launched in the Play Store, giving those who fondly remember slaying evil foes in the 90's in this classic RPG on their home computer a chance to relive the adventure. If you want something that you can put some effort and time into, Baldur's Gate Enhanced edition is your game. There's over 60 hours of main storyline gameplay alone, plus the addition of two included expansions that gives you even more to do. If you're willing to drop a little more cash, you can pick up the other four expansions within the game, which should keep you busy till the end of time. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition will set you back $9.99 initially.


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