Android Gamer Weekly 04/27/2014 : Humble Mobile Bundle 5, Clumsy Ninja, Hitman Go


Humble Mobile Bundle 5Screenshot (654)

The Humble Mobile Bundle 5 has already been out for just about two weeks, and there is just shy of two days left to grab this amazing game bundle that has just added in three more games as of earlier this week. In addition to the other games that were already part of the bundle from the beginning which included Bag It!, R-Type II, Aralon Sword and Shadow, The Cave, The Room Two, and Carcassonne, you can also grab the Original R-Type, the beautiful platformer Paper Monsters, and Enviro-Bear 2010 as part of the pack. Those last three games that were just recently added in are of course games that have to be unlocked, all that's needed to unlock them was to have paid the minimum average amount prior to their release, or to pay whatever the minimum average amount for the bundle now at whatever the price point is. At current the minimum average is sitting at $5.41. Go get em!

Clumsy Ninja Fumbles Onto The Play StoreScreenshot (655)

If you have a thing for the interactive character games, Clumsy Ninja just might be right up your alley. You can train your little ninja to learn new special moves and unique ninja abilities, but he is a clumsy one so we can't promise that they'll look as awesome as you might think when he performs his death defying feats of Ninja-ness. Clumsy Ninja has plenty of quests, new items to gain, experience to acquire so you can level up your little ninja and learn those cool new moves we talked about, and much more. It's actually pretty entertaining for a great little time passer when you have a free moment here and there. The game is free too, so that's pretty much the cheapest ninja training we've ever heard of. You can grab the game from the Play Store now and begin training your ninja right away.

Hitman GO For Android Is On The Way SoonImage_test

The long awaited Hitman Go from Square Enix is just around the corner, and while the iOS version has already made its debut we can at least check out what the game looks like even though we have to continue waiting until we can play it for ourselves. Hitman Go is not your typical Hitman game experience, as it plays out like a board game instead of a first or third person shooter/action game. Just by the sound of things the game doesn't seem very exciting at first, but watching the gameplay actually puts into perspective and it actually seems pretty cool. According to Droid Gamers the game should be landing on Android very soon and thanks to Kotaku and the YouTube channel gamesapp we get an early peak at what we can expect once the game drops for Android as the gameplay and looks is said to be the exact same. The video is quite lengthy, but it is Sunday so if you have some time to spare kick back and watch.