Android Gamer Weekly 04/06/14: Crashlands, Tiny Thief, Anomaly Defenders, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf


Crashlands Is The Next Game From Butterscotch Shenaniganscrashlandmenu

For those of you that are fans of the games Towel Fight 2 and Quadropus Rampage, the wonderful guys behind those masterpieces have shed some light on their next game. It's called Crashland. It's a game with a mix of different elements, where you have to capture and tame strange creatures, steel yourself to ensure survival, craft amazing and useful items that can help you on your endless journey, and strategize how to best your opponents in combat. Crashlands takes the usual hilarity and awesome gameplay we know from the team of brothers Butterscotch, and blends it with elements from Don't Starve, Minecraft, Pokemon with tons of open world exploration. All told it should be an amazing game and we for one can't wait. The Closed beta for the game actually begins next month on May 9th, with a launch on Android scheduled for the month of June. head over to the Butterscotch Shenanigans website for some more screens and GIFs.

Tiny Thief Steals Our Hearts After Game Goes FreeScreenshot (535)

Tiny Thief was the very first game from Rovios game publishing studio Rovio Stars, and it seemed like a good game when it launched, just not for $2.99. This sentiment was shared by many, but after a hefty amount of time on the play store the game has recently gone free, which to say the least makes us pretty happy. The game is actually really great and lots of fun, I just downloaded it myself and am most of the way through the second world(level, whatever you want to call it). Along with the price drop for the game there was also a new DLC pack added called Bewitched that will set you back $1.99. So in all you get the original game plus an all new set of levels for only two bucks, when the game was three at launch. We say go for it even if you don't get the DLC pack.

11 Bit Studios Announces Their Next Game Called Anomaly DefendersScreenshot (544)

The next game in the Anomaly series has been announced by the games creators, but it's not what you'd expect. This new game called Anomaly Defenders is going to be a proper tower defense game instead of the tower offense we have known from them for so long. You also end up playing as the aliens in this title and have to defend your homeworld from the invasion of the humans who want revenge for you invading their planet. Just like the last few titles, Anomaly Defenders will have awesome looking graphics and special effects. Anomaly Defenders should be an immensely addicting and action packed game as always. So far there isn't any details on release date or price, but the trailer mentions coming soon so we'll just take that to mean maybe by summer? That's my personal prediction. You can check out more screens here at the 11 Bit Studios website.


Screenshot (542)

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Gets Act 2 Release Via IAPScreenshot (536)

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, the interactive gamebook with stellar graphics and a mix of immersive story and action packed combat, has just gotten the release for the second Act which can be purchased as DLC from in the game. Act 2, called Forest  Hunt will cost you $4.99 should you want to continue the story, and the bundle pack is also still available for $9.99 which not only gets you the second Act for free, but will also get you the other two DLC packs, Act 3 and Act 4 for free once they release. If you have already played Joe Dever's Lone Wolf  Act 1: Blood on the Snow, you can now continue the adventure.

Update: Upon opening the game this morning to pick up Act 2 myself, the price seems to have raised to $6.18 for some reason. I'm not sure if this is location specific, or if the price just raised. Whatever the case, assuming that the same fate of this higher price tag will befall Act 3 and Act 4, it would be less costly just to pick up the bundle for $9.99 instead of $18.54 for each new Act individually. You can pick up the original Lone Wolf Act 1 here at the link.