Android Game Of The Week: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

April 27, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

After having spent a little more time with it, I can personally say that bringing XCOM: Enemy Unknown to Android was one of the best decisions 2K Games could have made. This game is every bit as exciting as any of the best games on Android so far and translates nicely to a touch screen display on the controls side. The game will take a little bit of getting used to if you’re either not familiar with tactical turn based combat games, or just simply suck at them, but fear not because like most things a little bit of practice can help immensely and it doesn’t take very long to get the hang of things in XCOM. Since this is a tactical turn based combat game, you’ll basically be taking turns choosing and executing your moves with the enemy, whether it be taking up a new position on the battlefield or swapping shots until one of you goes down. There is plenty of strategy to be had here, so if everything is played right you can come out of a battle unscathed or at least alive without losing any of your squad members.

Yes I said squad members, you don’t have to fight the good fight all your lonesome. Just before heading out to each mission, you’ll be given the opportunity to put together a team of specialists to assist you in completing your task for that mission. Sometimes you may be required to take a certain person or specialist type, but will be able to choose the rest of the squad, while other times you’ll be able to choose the entire squad. You play as the commander of the squad, so you yourself aren’t actually on the battlefield really ever, as you simply control the members of the squad you pick for the team of 4. Your squad members can die if you’re not careful, but should they make it through each mission, you’ll be rewarded with the capability to enhance and improve their skills and attributes once they level up.

Squad based tactical missions are not all this game is about though, there is much more to it than that, as you’ll also have to collect and research not only the alien technology of the enemy you face, but the specimens themselves so your XCOM scientists can further advance your technology to fight back against the unknown enemy. This could range from anything like health packs to armor upgrades. You’ll also have to utilize the engineering team to build you more advanced weaponry, and you’ll also have to find ways to upgrade your base as well. The gameplay is woven together nicely by the story which comprises of not only some of the gameplay but cutscenes to really draw you in. The best part for a paid game, is that there is no IAP in sight. With that said, XCOM: Enemy Unknown will set you back $9.99, but it is completely worth it to have a true console like game experience on the tablet, minus the controller of course. Like I said though the touch controls translate very nicely and are easy to use. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is easily one of the best games that Android has to offer.