Android Game Of The Week: Mobfish Hunter

In the not so distant future(2020) the world has been completely stripped of rare earth elements. Greed has caused this inevitable occurrence, and as as result, the worlds fish have mutated into an entirely new species called Mobfish. All is not lost however, as a brand new profession has come out of this terrible string of events. Thus the Mobfish Hunter was born. Mobfish Hunter tasks you with catching and collecting the worlds mobfish, and you do this by hunting them down using an array of different sea mines at your disposal. You start out with a regular old sea mine, in which you toss into the briny deep and must avoid ever single mobfish that you can on the way down. Once you hit one, the sea mine deploys and begins to shoot back upwards towards you, at this time you'll have to steer your sea mine to hit as many mobfish as you can for your collection.

The more you hit will trigger combos which will end up equaling more points, and scoring more points you get will net you more coins with which to buy new sea mines and upgrade the ones you have. You can also earn coins by leveling up, and each time you level up you'll be given a regeneration of your in game energy which you use a little bit of each time you play and toss your sea mine into the water. There are a total of nine different sea mines you can purchase and use, each one having its own unique weapon trait. So far I have personally collected two new sea mines in addition to the original you're given upon starting, and my favorite of the three is the boomerang mine, which shoots out little boomerang blades from the side each time you hit a mobfish during your ascent back to the surface.

Plummeting deeper and deeper can become difficult, which is why you'll able to acquire and utilize different boosts to power dive through mobfish to reach new depths. You'll have four different locations in which to hunt mobfish, and google play games services is present with achievements and leaderboards, as well as social sharing via facebook. The game is free to play, but it does offer IAP for those who want extra coins or boosts to help their high score along.

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