Android App Updates April 4th, 2014: Vine, WordPress, Swiftkey and More


Swiftkey Updated with Google+ and Evernote Integration

In the last Swiftkey Beta, we had seen the company add Google+ and Evernote integration for personalization. So the keyboard could analyze your Google+ and Evernote accounts and learn how you type to give you better predictions. Well now that part of the Swiftkey Beta has made it to the stable version of the app in the Play Store. Those Emojis are still in the beta app, and I'm not sure when that's going to go stable. But it should be soon.

Google Opinion Rewards hits the UK, Canada and Australia


Google announced their Opinion Rewards app a few months ago which allows you to earn some free Google Play credits simply by doing a short survey. And when they say short, they mean like maybe 2 questions. Now you aren't going to be able to make a living from these, but it is nice since it'll help out your app buying habits, or movies, or magazines, or anything else in the Play Store.


WordPress for Android hits v2.7


If you have a blog, chances are it's running on WordPress. Which if it does, you'll want to use the WordPress app which just got updated to version 2.7. Which brings quite a bit of improvements:

"Refresh button has been replaced by a pull to refresh gesture. Stats have been optimized to load and scroll faster than ever before. Posts and Pages now support infinite scroll. Media upgrades let you see content faster and scroll more smoothly. Better post editor, uses less of your device's memory when adding media to a post. Minor tweaks and fixes."


Vine Updates to allow for Direct Messaging support


For those using Vine, you can now send Direct Message videos to people that follow you. Which isn't a surprise that Twitter has added this to Vine, since Instagram added it  almost 6 months ago – although with Instagram it's pictures and videos.