Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update for Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 Is Spotted in GFXBench


Regardless of whether or not Samsung is your preferred smartphone manufacturer or not, there's no denying the Korean giant knows how to take care of their devices. With devices like the Galaxy S II going from Android 2.3 Gingerbread all the way up to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, it's clear Samsung knows what they're doing when it comes to device updates. Keeping things alive for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, it looks like the second generation Note is scheduled to get a KitKat update later this year. Something that we would pretty much expect of Samsung at this point.

A device with the model number of SHV-E250 – which many of you will recognize as the Korean version of the Note II – has been spotted in GFXBench with Android 4.4.2 listed in the "OS" category of results. Now, we all know that the Korean version of any Samsung device is first in line for an update, so to see a Korean variant surface running Android 4.4.2 is no surprise, but it's a good sign for Note 2 users overall. With no telling just when the update – if it even exists – is going to hit devices, we're pretty sure that Samsung will have some time on their hands once the Galaxy S5 hits shelves.


Updates to older Galaxy devices have often included updates to the version of TouchWiz running of the device, but we're unsure if Samsung is going to pay that much attention to the Note II, but it certainly would be nice to see the Galaxy Note II gain some of the features from the Note 3. Still, any news of an upcoming KitKat update is good news and while American carriers will more than likely drag their feet on such an upgrade, it's great to hear that it might be on its way. We see no reason why Samsung wouldn't update the Galaxy Note II to KitKat, so I guess all we can do now is to wait.

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