Amazon Game Studios Unleashes Their First Game Called Sev Zero, A Tower Defense TPS Mashup

Earlier we brought you the latest on Amazon's streaming media box called the Amazon Fire TV, priced at $99 and available now in the U.S., but it doesn't just play streaming media like movies and TV shows. It plays games too, and that was evident by the Amazon Fire TV bluetooth game controller that is available today as well for $40. Earlier we also told you that Gameloft has optimized three of their most outstanding games for Amazon Fire TV as of today's launch, with Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Asphalt 8, and Modern Combat 4. What does amazon have in the works for us for their very first game though? It's called Sev Zero, and it was developed by amazon game studios themselves, from the ground up for Amazon Fire TV. By the way, it looks insanely awesome.

The story of the game goes like this. Earth has received an impending alien threat and is suffering the beginnings of an invasion. What's new right? The alien race, called the Ne'ahtu, once infected earth's technology with a computer virus that shut down all of earth's defenses, but before they could attack earth with a fatal blow, their plan was thwarted by computer prodigy Amy Ramanujan who was able to neutralize the virus, which allowed earth to beat back and stop the alien invasion. The game and the real battle begins as the Ne'ahtu are planning to invade and attack earth a second time, and it's your job to help Dr. Ramanujan stop earth's destruction.

Sev Zero plays out a lot like the game franchise Sanctum on Steam, in which you as the player are tasked with upgrading and expanding your defenses(towers) and weaponry, while you can seamlessly switch back and forth between first person mode to fight off your enemies with shooter based combat. Sev Zero is very similar with high action gameplay and strategic planning to place your defenses in the best locations possible, while allowing you to jump down to the battlefield in third person mode using weapons like machine guns and other artillery for face to face combat. You can teleport yourself and touch down on any place within the map so you can take the battle to the Ne'ahtu with your own hands, and when you need to upgrade towers or place new ones, you can beam back up and rain down hell from the skies above. The game even has a companion app compatible with the kindle fire line of tablets that lets you play the game with another person. The companion app lets your friends or family help in their own way with deploying explosive decoys to confuse and destroy enemies, freeze them in place, and even fire missiles to help stop the threat. It's a unique new experience that anyone who loves TPS and tower defense style games should definitely check out. We highly recommend watching the trailer and checking out the screenshots. The game is available now for $6.99, but it comes free if you purchase the game controller to use with the Amazon Fire TV box which we have linked below.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire Game Controller

Sev Zero

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