Amazon and Samsung Team Up; to Offer Users Up to 12 Free Books a Year in Custom Kindle Store


Samsung has been making friends all over the place these last couple of years and as a result, Samsung Galaxy device owners can get exclusive access to all sorts of things. For instance, owning a Galaxy device will get you lots of freebies and there are some interesting Samsung-only services. We recently saw the launch of Milk Music, exclusively for Samsung users and now, they're partnering with Amazon. The online giant has partnered with the South Korean smartphone manufacturer to create an exclusive version of its Kindle store for Samsung Galaxy devices. With no word yet on what Samsung is going to be calling it, the service is launching in the coming weeks.

This exclusive Kindle store will offer Samsung users up to 12 free books a year, allowing them to choose from four "prominent" titles specifically chosen for Galaxy users every month. Samsung is steadily building up its own portfolio of exclusive content for its smartphones and tablets. Of course, these services all hinge on somebody else's efforts, but it's nice to see these services being offered for Samsung device owners. There's already a "Samsung Books" apps, so we're not sure if this new service will simply slot in, or if Samsung will be calling it something else entirely, but we're pretty certain that Amazon won't be giving Samsung the amount of control they'd like.


With hardware and specs becoming extremely similar, it's services and apps that manufacturers are moving to compete with. HTC is pushing their camera software and features, meanwhile Samsung is pushing exclusive partnerships and Motorola is championing simple software design that just works. No matter how much Google wants to take back a little control from Android, Samsung and co will continue to differentiate themselves when it comes to software and features such as content offerings like this.

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