Acer to Enter Wearable Tech Market With the Liquid Leap, a 17mm Thick Smartband


Today, Acer held an event in New York and announced a number of new products. On the mobile side of things, the company has announced more Android tablets, but those looking to the wearable side of things, the company has also revealed plans for a new wearable device called the Liquid Leap. Details on the device are a little scant right now, but this is essentially Acer launching themselves into the wearable technology arena. We had recently heard reports that the company was going to be debuting some sort of fitness tracker to tie in with hospitals and such in Asia, but there was no mention of this during the event.

Tying in with the company's Liquid mobile branding, the Leap is only 17mm thick and is being described as a "companion device", which means that Acer's smartband does pretty much the same as, well, any other smartband. Without any concrete details, it's difficult to understand just why anyone would choose this over competing products, but we're sure that Acer is going to have all the rest of the details ready for when the device launches. The only image of the device even is of the black band around an Acer Exce's wrist.



This tells us that the Liquid Leap is still in development and that Acer isn't quite ready to pull the trigger on this one. If Acer is biding their time and making sure that their product is ready to hit the market, then we won't be complaining about the wait. As for what the Liquid Leap will do well, it seems this is going to be more of a simple tracker with some light notification lifting, rather than something like a full-blown smartwatch. For a lot of people however, that's just what they've been looking for, so Acer could have a winner on their hands, we're just going to have to wait to get it onto our wrists.

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