18 Premium Games at Half Price Thanks to Spring Sale on Google Play


Sales are usually something a store does when it wants to get extra foot traffic in or just to clear out some old inventory.  While this sort of thing doesn't usually apply to a virtual store, our benevolent Google overlords have decided to grace us with a sale this spring on premium games, all found on the Google Play Store of course.  What we have today is a sale of 18 premium games that usually go for at least $1.99, but are mostly on sale for $0.99 today.  What do we have on sale though?  Just a smattering of some of the best games on the Google Play Store of course!  Let's take a look at what's available.

Looking for a nice racing game to pass the time or compete with friends?  Need for Speed Most Wanted, Riptide GP 2 and Draw Race 2 have you covered there, all of which are going for 99 cents.  Looking for a little more action or story?  The Dark Knight Rises, Clash of Puppets or Radiohammer might be more your forte, also all going for 99 cents.  NBA 2K14 is also included here, although it's a little more at $2.99, however as an officially licensed basketball game you know you're getting a legit experience for a mere 3 bucks.  Are tower defense games more your style?  TowerMadness 2 and Anomaly 2 will definitely get you ready for more, and 2 bucks will net you both games here as well.


Maybe you'd rather just have a different experience, one not quite like many out there?  How about trying Contre Jour, "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!" or Broken Sword: Director's Cut all for 99 cents a piece as well.  Last but not least are the puzzler and strategy categories which are plentiful on Android, but these are some of the best of the best.  The always-excellent 10000000, Ticket to Ride and Sprinkle Islands round out the puzzlers category, all 3 for an incredible 99 cents a piece.  Strategy games come in the form of Out There and Ticket to Ride for $1.99 a piece, and Shadowrun Returns for $3.99.

For now the sale seems to be restricted to just the US, although it's possible that Google will extend the sale or have a similar one in other countries.  Still go ahead and head over to the Google Play Store, either by hitting the source link below or going to the Play Store on your Android-powered device, and check out the headline "Premium Games Sale" right on the front page.  Google hasn't specified a time frame for the sale so get cracking if you're even mildly interested in any of these games.  All of these games are heavily discounted, so this is going to be the best possible time to get them!  Oh and don't forget to check out the Mother's Day sale too while you're at it.

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