11.6 and 13.3-inch ASUS Chromebooks to Feature Faster Celeron CPUs


While Google's Chrome OS might still be on the slow uptake, more and more hardware partners are joining Google's cause, and in the past year we've seen HP and ASUS jump onboard. HP have two devices on shelves right now, the Chromebook 11 and the Chromebook 14 (which I am writing this very article with) and ASUS have a Chromebox announced for those that like desktop orientated options. Recently we saw a leaked image of an ASUS Chromebook and now, more information has leaked out thanks to careless online retailers.

According to online listings, the two Chromebooks from ASUS will be dubbed the C200 and the C300, coming in at 11.6-inches and 13.3-inches, respectively. Starting with the 11.6-inch C200, an online listing shows that the device is to feature 16GB of storage (as is normal for Chromebooks) 2GB of RAM and an Intel N2830 Celeron CPU. Moving on to the 13.3-inch model and the story is much the same, with the same processor but with 4GB of RAM being included, instead of 2GB and twice the storage at 32GB. While there's no word yet on the resolution of either device, we could be seeing a 1080p 13.3-inch display on the C300, as online retailer Antares Pro is listing a price around $330, close to that of the Chromebook 2 from Samsung.


Where ASUS' Chromebooks really differ however, is from the Intel Celeron N2830, which is a dual-core CPU said to be clocked at 2.18 Ghz in these laptops, however Intel lists that a maximum clock speed of 2.41 Ghz is achievable. That's a big difference from the 2955U inside the Acer C720P and the HP Chromebook 14 which is clocked at just 1.4 Ghz. Still, I use the Chromebook 14 for the majority of things I need to do, and the performance is very good for me. Faster processors and better displays would be one way for ASUS to compete on the hardware front with vendors such as Samsung and Acer.

While the release date is pegged for April, we've yet to hear anything official from ASUS, so take this all with a grain of salt. One thing's for certain though, there's soon to be some new Chromebooks in town. Have you got a Chromebook? Drop us a line in the comments below or over on Google+!

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