After 1,000 Lbs. Of Pressure, The LG G Flex Keeps On Going

Smartphones and tablets aren't really meant to be handled without care, still companies like LG are going against the norm and have provided us with something that has a flexed display and design. Even though most of us probably baby our electronics(I know I do, not excessively of course, but I don't treat them like toys that you can toss around) LG knows that sometimes things happen and preparing for the unexpected is never a bad thing. Besides the short growing trend of flexed or curved displays on our smart devices, LG had some other stuff in mind when creating the LG G Flex. It seems they had  intentions of not only giving us a curved phone for the looks factor, but wanted to give us a device that had a purpose behind the flexed design.

Sure the curve of the G Flex looks great and it's definitely different. There's more to it than that though. LG designed this phone to bend a little, to have some give to it. During it's development they tested how much pressure the phone could take when applied to the back, for various reasons of course, to see how much pressure would be needed to flatten the device, and to see how many times you could apply that amount of pressure before the phone started showing physical signs of damage. Consumer Reports thought this was rather interesting and decided to do some testing of their own. The results might actually surprise you. LG apparently tested the device to accept a 100 repetition set of 88 lbs., and you can bet the phone was tested by Consumer Reports for that exact amount. First though, it was imperative to find out just how much pressure would be needed to flatten the phone. The answer is 30 lbs. of pressure in case you're wondering. After 1,000 presses, the phone apparently still worked like new which was actually quite impressive. The same thing happened after it was tested for 1,000 presses during 88 lbs. of pressure, which is 900 more presses than what LG themselves tested.

The tests went on to see how much the phone would accept before breaking, as naturally anyone couldn't ignore this nagging suspicion once a test like this has been started. Even after repeated 50 lb. increment increases of pressure finally reaching 450, the phone still didn't break,(although a cracking noise had fooled everyone into thinking the phone was done for, but it turns out the case had just popped off a little.) The long story short is that they eventually increased the testing of pressure to 1,000 lbs. which was the limit their machine could dish out, and the phone still came out unscathed and worked like new, without even flattening the curve of the phone in the slightest. If you have any worries about putting too much pressure on your G Flex, rest assured it's probably safe in most situations. Case in point, sit on it all you want, although we can't imagine that would be terribly comfortable.

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