ZTE's Nubia X6 Takes Snaps of Las Vegas Using It's Long-Exposure ability

We've been hearing about the ZTE Nubia X6 quite a bit in recent times, thanks to a steady drip-feed of teasing leaks. The latest tit-bit comes courtesy of a micro-blogger on Weibo called White_Satin, who has a catalog of photos on his feed that have been taken with ZTE handsets, including the recently revealed Nubia Z5S. The main picture above, as well the pictures in the gallery below, were snapped with the upcoming Nubia X6, showing off it's camera's Long-Exposure ability. As you can see from the photos, the camera's ability to take long-exposure pictures makes for some stunning images of Las Vegas at night. At present the camera has an unknown Mega-Pixel count, although you would think that 13MP would be the absolute minimum considering it's competitors, notwithstanding HTC's Ultra-Pixel technology.

Along with camera's Long-Exposure ability, the Nubia X6 is also known to feature Optical Image Stabilization, a technology that Samsung have eschewed in their upcoming Galaxy S5. Some of the other known specifications include stereo speakers with Dolby Sound Technology, really thin bezels, an unknown sized battery with a long standby ability as well as a Fast Charge implementation. As for the rest of the specifications, ZTE have played their cards close to their chest, but the Nubia X6 is thought to be powered by the same CPU as Samsung's S5, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core. If ZTE follow Sony and Samsung's flagship formula, the Nubia X6 should also carry 3GB of RAM.

ZTE are officially revealing the Nubia X6 in Beijing(China) March 25th, the same date that HTC is announcing the One M8 on a global scale with simultaneous events in London and New York, ZTE are no doubt hoping to steal a bit of HTC's thunder by piggybacking the same date.  Sadly, as you've probably been able to extrapolate from the vastly different scales of planned publicity, it's unlikely that the ZTE Nubia X6 will be available from carriers in the US, with ZTE preferring to focus their efforts on eastern markets. Even though we are still in the dark concerning many specifications, the Nubia X6 is so far shaping up to be a more than useful handset. If the Nubia X6 were to be released in the US, provided that the rest of its specifications were up to 'flagship' levels, would you be willing to take the leap? Let us know in the comments below or via our Google Plus page.

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