ZTE Drops A Couple Nubia X6 Battery Details


Time to continue the trend of manufacturers releasing small morsels of information about their upcoming phones. Once again the culprit is ZTE, sharing a few more details about its latest Android handset, the Nubia X6. If this feels familiar, it's because ZTE did the same thing yesterday, teasing that the Nubia X6 would ship with stereo speakers and utilize Optical Image Stabilization. With this tease, however, we're finding out a few (rather vague) details about what kind of battery the Nubia X6 will be packing when it eventually arrives.

ZTE took to Chinese microblogging site Weibo to share the teaser, telling fans that the goal for the Nubia X6's battery is to combine long standby life with Fast Charge implementation. Just how long will the phone last in standby mode? We don't know. How quickly will it charge? We don't know that either. There's a good reason they call them "teasers," we suppose. The company also hinted that it isn't necessarily achieving these goals through a large battery. What exactly does that mean? For starters, it suggests that ZTE is looking into optimization options when it comes to the Nubia X6's battery. There's plenty of reason to want to do that too, as offering a smaller, more optimized battery could help ZTE cut down on costs and the overall size of the handset. Unfortunately, ZTE isn't quite ready to say just how big the battery is, and in fact invited fans to take their best guess.


Aside from these recent teasers concerning notable features of the Nubia X6, the phone is also expected to come equipped with a Snapdragon 801 CPU and can apparently boast a 1.3mm bezel. It sounds like the Nubia X6 is shaping up to be a pretty decent phone, but keep in mind that most of this stuff can be counted as rumors until we get official confirmation from ZTE. Also unfortunate is that even if the Nubia X6 turns out to be as cool as we're being led to believe, it probably won't get to see the light of day here in the US. It's sad, but not entirely unexpected from a company like ZTE, which tends to focus more on eastern markets. Regardless, we'll have more details on the Nubia X6 when they inevitably surface, so keep it here at Android Headlines for more.


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