YouTube Apparently Working on Kid-Friendly Side of the Site; Aimed at Kids Below 10



We all know and YouTube, it's become a big part of our lives regardless of how invested in the Google ecosystem you are and a lot of us use YouTube as our primary entertainment source. Since YouTube has risen to the top, there's no better way for young entertainers to get a start in entertainment, or for those of all ages to just share their interests with like-minded people. Those of us who grew up with the internet as it evolved obviously accept YouTube as one of the pinnacles of online entertainment, but for the next generation growing up now, YouTube, Netflix and co are de facto entertainment providers. Kids all over the world are using the Internet to watch cartoons and TV programs, or rather parents are using them.


That's something that Google and YouTube is looking to capitalize on, and there's rumor that a dedicated Kid-friendly part of the service is being currently worked on. Such a part of the service would be suitable for children under the age of 10 and we're assuming no younger than three or so. According to sources familiar with the matter, Google has approached studios and content creators to gauge their interest in the new project. There are already parts of YouTube that have been reigned back to block objectionable content, and there's also the YouTube EDU side of things that's purely educational, but this kid-friendly version of the site could also employ a policing sort of roll as well. Blocking out comments, ads and more that children and younger viewers don't need to see.

With more and more children connecting to the Internet as a matter of fact, it makes sense that Google and YouTube would move to put measures in place to curb questionable content and frankly, there's nobody more capable of doing such a thing other than Google. Still though, it's pretty hard to build a dam to hold back YouTube, and we're sure that something, somewhere down the line will creep in. It's an interesting idea, and would certainly help the uptick of Google tablets for little ones, only time will tell what comes of this however, so we're waiting patiently on this one.

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