You Can Now Ask Select Motorola Android Phones "What's Up" to Hear Your Notifications


When Motorola launched the Moto X (and the new Droid line of devices for Verizon) they introduced touchless control to the smartphone. Sure, we've had voice control around for a long time now, but this was different, Moto's touchless control app allows you to quite literally talk to your phone without laying a finger on it. Even now it's pretty impressive stuff, and I often glare at my Nexus 5 for lack of such a feature. Recently, the tocuhless control app got an update in the Play Store that brings a pretty cool new feature to select Motorola Android phones. Now, you can ask your phone "what's up?"

You might be wondering why on Earth you would want to ask your phone such a thing. With the new update, asking your Moto X or 2013 Droid what's up will get your notifications read out aloud. Which is perfect for those times you're in the car and you have a time-sensitive message you need to hear. Thanks to the fact that touchless control also allows you to dictate a message in return, so you can keep up-to-date when you're on the move. This new feature is available in U.S. English, Spanish and Italian languages, although there are more included, albeit in beta form.


That's not the only new change with this update, though as there are fixes for end of speech detection. Something that Motorola has said will prevent the phone hanging on long pauses waiting for further speech, which in turn should speed up all of your commands. Right now, the latest version is in the Play Store for download, but of course you'll have to a device that';s already compatible to get a hold of the new feature. The Moto X may have been on shelves for some time now, but its software keeps getting better and better with improvements such as this and near-stock Android 4.4 KitKat and at $400 unlocked from Amazon or just a penny on contract with Verizon now isn't a bad time to get one. Of course, with the Galaxy S5 and a new HTC One on the horizon, it's awfully tempting to wait. If you've got a compatible device, let us know how this new feature is working out for you!

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