Will the ZTE Grand S II Be the First Android Smartphone With 4GB of RAM?

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When it comes to memory in Android smartphones, we’ve seen things take off pretty rapidly. For a long time the norm was 512MB in a phone, then phones started to hit the scene with 1GB of RAM and we all thought that was amazing. Of course, that was until we saw quad-core CPUs take advantage of 2GB of RAM and then, Samsung and co came along and made us rethink everything with 3GB of RAM in their latest smartphones. Of course, 3GB of RAM in a phone does seem like overkill, and considering that most users get by just fine with 2GB of RAM, it’s hard to justify the extra spent simply in search of more memory on your mobile.

Now though, there’s word that ZTE might be taking things to a whole other level with the introduction of the Grand S II and 4GB of RAM. Yes, you read right, 4GB of RAM in an Android smartphone. Of course, right now this is just a rumor, and if we’re honest we can’t see someone like ZTE pushing the boundaries when it comes to RAM. Still, the device has been certified in China and while that hasn’t revealed the true specs of the device, a spec sheet obtained by MyDrivers seems to do that just fine. It’s down below, and while it’s tough to make out in this image, we can see that “4GB” of memory is listed just underneath the CPU speed, which is 2.3 Ghz and is probably a Snapdragon 800. Sure, there’s a chance that this means 4GB of onboard storage and someone put the value in the wrong box. However, with ZTE shipping more storage onboard to move away from SD cards, we doubt 4GB of storage is hitting the Grand S II.

We’re a little skeptical on this one, but 4GB in a smartphone would be an interesting statement for ZTE to make. Besides, one that has a 5.5-inch 1080p display like this and it makes a little more sense. The question is though, do we have any need for this sort of thing? Let us know what you think!