Voice Search Updated With New Ok Google Commands For Taking Photos And Recording Video

How many times can you say that you have missed taking a photo of that perfect shot just because you spent too much time messing with your device and trying to open up the camera app? There are many ways to help speed up this process via apps and shortcuts, and even since Google implemented the Lock screen widgets within Jelly Bean there was a way to swipe left from the lock screen to get right to the camera. Now Google is giving us one more way to access the camera easier than normal so we don't miss another chance at that all too perfect photo. With Google Voice search.

This is certainly more useful than Google's latest easter egg that was embedded into the voice search actions for the Konami code, as you can now use voice search to open up the camera and take a snapshot or even record video. You never have to miss those important moments with this new feature as all you have to do is tap the voice search mic button and say the hot word commands. For those of you that are using touchless controls, you wont even have to unlock your device, just point, speak, and shoot, at least it sounds like it would be that easy. This is all part of the new update that is going out for Google Search on Android devices, so if you're eager to get a hold of this feature for yourself make sure to look for the update to the app as soon as possible.

For those that have never used the hot word commands before, all you have to do is say Ok Google, and then tell Google Voice Search whether you want to Take A Picture, or Record A Video. Once you do that your photo will snap or your video will begin recording and you won't have to worry about trying to get to the app and opening it up. For people without any sort of touchless control like feature, this becomes most useful if you're phone is already open and you can get to the Google Voice search more easily and quicker than anything else. There are various ways to access Voice Search, and while it might be near as or just as easy to set up a gesture control through something Nova launcher, this is certainly a nice benefit.

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