Verizon's New Allset Plans Offer Affordable Flexibility With No Annual Contract

If you enjoy Verizon's network coverage but have a thing for non-contracted prepaid wireless plans, than you may be interested to know that VZW is changing things up in their prepaid plan department. These new Allset plans offer affordable flexibility and give customers a range of options with varied amounts of data. There are two base price points for the money conscious consumer to choose from, and the amounts can go up from there depending on how much data you might need or want. For $35 you can get started on an Allset plan if you use a regular feature phone device, and if you use a smartphone you can hook up to one of these new Allset plans starting as low as $45.

To start customers off, Verizon is giving those who sign up for a no annual contract Allset plan unlimited talk and unlimited messaging, and a starting base of 500MB of data per month. If 500 MB isn't enough for you then you can choose to tack on extra data for extra charges. The minutes and messaging are always going to be unlimited with the Allset plans, but you can pick as much data as you need, with options that include the regular 500MB base amount, and from there you can either bump up to 1GB or 3GB of data. Much like T-Mobile and their prepaid wireless plan dollar amounts, VZW's 500MB of data will expire after 30 days if not used up. Both the 1GB and 3GB data package options have a much longer shelf life before expiring, set at 90 days, but unused data travels from cycle to cycle until that expire date comes up much like At&t did with rollover minutes. To break down the plans costs, Verizon will let you sign up for the Allset plan for $30 or $40(depending on the feature phone or smartphone use), and additional costs come from the data which is $5 for the 500MB, $10 for the 1GB, and $20 for the 3Gb. So your plan could cost as low as $35, or it could cost as much as $60 if you use a smartphone and need the additional 3GB of data.

For those that may be sending text messages outside the country, if those messages are going to either Mexico, Canada, or Puerto Rico, your messages will be included with the unlimited allotment you're given with the plan. Furthermore, you can also call Canada and Mexico with a bucket of 1,000 international minutes if you sign up for the $45 plan(were assuming this goes for all Bridge data options) for a limited time. Verizon doesn't mention how long their limited offers last, so if this sounds like a good deal to you, you might want to get in their quick. Phone options are a little more limiting if you're going to grab a handset from Verizon's prepaid lineup, but just to throw out a few options you can pick up a Moto G for $99, or go with something from Samsung or LG like the Galaxy Legend, Samsung illusion or LG Optimus Zone.

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