Utilize Multi-Window On Any Android Device With The New App Called Multitasking

You no longer have to be jealous of your friends or family with devices that use multi-window features like the last two Note devices or the LG G Flex. A new app called Multitasking has set out to provide this feature to anyone on Android, which is honestly a feature that is a long time coming to say the least. Nevertheless, the fact that it has taken this long to get a decent app that provides this feature to users makes no difference, because the app is here and you can use it immediately. The act of multitasking is one thing has that has always, in some way, shape, or form been available on Android, but not like this in a widespread format. Multitasking takes the functions that users have with the actual Multi-Window feature and takes things a step further by letting you open up more than just two window panels at a time to cover the screen. Instead, you can open up multiple panels in an overlay of sorts on top of what ever else you are doing, and just about any Android device can use it.

We like the sound of what Multitasking provides us, but as the app is fairly new there are undoubtedly some kinks to work out like adding in more functionality for apps. It seems to have similar limitations to Samsung's Multi-Window feature like a lack of apps that can be used with it,(apparently you can't use YouTube with Multitasking, but Samsung's Multi-Window does support YouTube) and it seems that there are still a couple of bugs,(I found at least one so far which might be limited to just me, where if you attempt to open the "news" panel, Multitasking will close) however these will probably get ironed out quickly. The only odd thing that I found, is a virtual currency of sorts that was set up by the dev for use within the app in the form of coins. These coins serve as the amount of times you open up multitasking panels, but before everyone grabs their pitchforks, there are easy ways to earn more coins like watching a video ad or liking the facebook page etc.. There didn't seem to be any mention of how long the coins would stay as a feature inside the app, or if it was even permanent.

Short of it's few flaws, Multitasking has loads of potential and the app is off to a great start. You can open numerous applications without having to back out of apps, with a range of options like maps, a compass, file explorer, calculator, browser, news, recorder, gallery, etc. All of the apps seem to be proprietary, with no way to change what app you want each function to open. Hopefully this comes in a later update. You can try out Multitasking now, the app is free and it's live in the Play Store.

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